“Your inner peace is the greatest and most valuable treasure that you can discover.” ―Akin Olokun   

Tight hips? Imbalanced chakras? Need to find freedom in form? You’ve made it all the way here, why go any further? Schedule a massage session before or after your yoga class. At Luxe, we aim to create space fascially to restore harmony to mind and body from the comfort of the warm and serene Buddhi Mat Yoga studio. For the yogi, athlete, or massage enthusiast.

Individual Massage:
60min = $125
90min = $175
* Additional 30mins. = $50

5pack of 60min. massages = $575
5pack of 90min. massages = $825

*Packages and gift certificates are valid for 1 year from date of purchase.


If this will be your first time with us, please take a moment to print, fill out and sign this Massage Intake Form. If you prefer, one of our massage therapists will provide you with this form right before your first session.


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